In an extremely literal example of how candy is bad for you, a two-year-old Arkansas toddler got his arm stuck deep in a gumball machine on Monday and had to be rescued by firefighters. Stick to veggies next time, kiddo.

While shopping with his father, two-year-old Terrell Parks, Jr. wandered over to a line of gumball machines near the front of a store. Then, he jammed his arm inside one and became hopelessly trapped.

“I turned my back for one minute,” said the boy’s dad, Terrell Parks, Sr. “They were trying to get some gum from the gum machine and his hand was stuck up there completely.”

In fact, the boy was so stuck that firefighters had to take the machine apart in order to free him. The boy did, however, finally get a gumball to chew on, as well as a few others for his trouble. Hey, the way we see it, the kid earned it.