A mother in Kalamazoo set out on a mission to let her son know that he is very loved after he told his mom that he didn't want a birthday party because he didn't have any friends.  This is one of those stories that hits very close to home with me, because Colin has sensory disorders and a form of Aspergers.   This story is also why I love social media.  UPDATE: Colin's disorders were never made public, but he does suffer from something similar to Aspergers.


Like Colin's mom said in the video, kids that suffer with issues like this, including Aspergers look like normal kids. They just have trouble processing things that normal children could handle. The way most of these kids deal with these issues is to have meltdowns. They are usually socially awkward and it is very difficult for them to make friends. They see the world in a different light. They are very smart, and very logical.

I know all this because my son has Aspergers. He is the sweetest boy you will meet and his heart is bigger than the Grand Canyon.  He is so smart.   However, he does have issues.  I empathize with this mother. There is nothing worse than hearing your child tell you that no one likes them and that everybody at school thinks they are weird. This has become an ongoing battle in our home and yes hearing that breaks my heart every time.

So when I heard about Colin, I was all about passing along his story. Let's help spread the word and wish Colin a Happy Birthday.

The following is an address where you can send Colin a birthday card,

PO box 756
Richland, MI 49083-0756

or you can like his Facebook page:

So what else can we do to help?  Educate yourself about Autism, Aspergers, sensory disorders.  Most kids who suffer from these disorders look like a normal kid, however, the stuff they deal with on a daily basis isn't normal.   They know they are different but they don't know why and it is very lonely for them.

I know when my son tells me that he doesn't have any friends I just give him a hug and tell him that no matter what he is loved.   I have had to educate people in my life about Aspergers because I really get tired of hearing, "all that kid needs is a good spanking."  That isn't the answer.

I have found a new patience in life because of my son. We will be in a store and sometimes we see an older child throwing a fit and I realize that  people are walking by with disgust and shaking their head and thinking "what a spoiled brat that kids needs a spanking."  I realize that child is probably in sensory overload and having a meltdown.  Been there done that.

Again teach your kids to accept everyone because a person's disability may not be visible.  As an adult do the same and realize that kid throwing a huge hissy fit in the store or in the restaurant may have more going on than just a "spoiled brat" moment.

So let's join together and wish Colin a Happy Birthday.  His Facebook page just hit 1 million!