Take us back to 2019. You remember that year? We got baseball in Downtown Amarillo. We saw the welcoming of Hodgetown and the Sod Poodles. We even were champions in our Inaugural Season.

The other great thing we were awarded was about Hodgetown. We all got to vote and we were successful in naming it the best Double A ballpark. It really is something to be proud to be named. They were recognizing us here in Amarillo. Why not? It is a great ballpark.
Now here we are again. The voting started in March. We kept advancing. We have a chance to kind of repeat. I mean with a Covid year in between. We have made it to the Final Four once again. That is a pretty big deal. The Sod Poodles are asking for your help again:
HODGETOWN is in the Final Four for the Ballpark Digest Best Double-A Ballpark!
We are currently losing to Dunkin' Donuts Ballpark! Be sure to vote on multiple devices and once every 24 hours!
Let's show everyone how Amarillo does it!
We know we have the best ballpark. Now we just need to keep our voting up and going so we can keep this award right here. Amarillo is where it's at. How can you vote? It's pretty easy. Just vote HERE.
We can't lose to a ballpark in Connecticut. We just can't We have way too much Texas pride here. So vote now. Vote tomorrow. Heck vote from every device you can. We have to come up victorious....and end up in the Championship and winning that again this year.

Check Out The Original Names For These Amarillo Streets

It's hard to imagine these well-known Amarillo streets as any other name. Try to imagine giving directions to someone while using their original names. Gets tricky, doesn't it?

The new names (that we currently know them by) came mostly from associates of Henry Luckett, who drew the first map of the area. When this took place exactly, records do not show, but the street name revamp is covered extensively in 'Old Town Amarillo' by Judge John Crudgington, published in the Plains Historical Review in 1957.

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