Has the shine worn off your marriage?  You can make it better.  For free!

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Family Support Services is offering a free course to help you get your marriage back to that "honeymoon" stage.  The course is based off the New York Times Best Selling book "The Seven Principals For Making Marriage Work" by Dr. John Gottman. Among the topics in this 6-week course:

  • ·   Nurturing Your Fondness and Admiration
  • ·   Turning Toward Each Other
  • ·   Accepting Influence
  • ·   Differentiating Between Solvable and Perpetual Problems
  • ·    Solve Your Solvable Problems
  • ·    Overcoming Gridlock
  • ·    Creating Shared Meaning
  •     Love Maps

The classes are every Monday evening from 6-8pm running from May 9th through June 20th (No class on Memorial Day).  Snacks and meals will be provided as well as a free copy of the book and two companion workbooks.

This course will give couples the tools to improve friendship, fondness and admiration; enhance romance and intimacy, manage conflict constructively, gain skills to address perpetual and solvable problems; create shared meaning; and maintain gains throughout a lifetime.

For more information, contact Reva Tilley at 342-2522 or rtilley@fss-ama.org.