A survey by YourTango.com reveals that 75% of women will not wed someone who is unemployed while 65% would feel uncomfortable tying the knot if they themselves were jobless. Read on for other findings. 

Turns out, there is hope for hopeless romantics!

  • 91% of single women would marry for love over money.
  • 77% of women believe they can have it all -- a fulfilling relationship and family life, as well as a successful career.
  • 62% of women in a relationship say they spend three hours or less with their partner during the work week.
  • 32% of women say they make more money than their partner while 50% would marry someone who earned significantly less than them. 41% wouldn't.
  • 55% of women would give up their career to take care of children if their partner asked them to do so.

There's a new book out called "Smart Girls Marry Money: How Women Have Been Duped Into the Romantic Dream -- And How They Are Paying For It," by Elizabeth Ford and Daniela Drake.They explain why marrying for money isn't a bad idea.

Marrying for love is a great thing. But many women feel that if a man's salary is just as attractive as love.  Being able to provide for the family is a big deal.