I'm a pet owner, but not married. But when I saw this, it blew me away!

There's a website called illicitEncounters.com.  They did a survey on marriage infidelity. The results are quite surprising.

According to the survey, animal lovers are more likely to stray in their marriage than non-pet owners. Other findings:

- 75% of the members on Websites that promote infidelity among married people are pet owners.

- Dogs are the most popular pets among married cheaters (37%) followed by cats (27%), fish (10%) and birds (1%).

I can see that, actually.  Dog lovers like to take their pups to the Dog Park often. You strike up a conversation with another person you see there all the time. Since most pet owners have a lot in common, it's easy to get personal really fast. One thing leads to another and BAM! Cheating.

Not all pet owners are cheaters. However, a lot of cheaters are pet owners.