It's so hot that one man totally lost his cool.

Eric Cornell, who hails from Maryland, posted a video of himself having a meltdown while talking about the brutally hot weather while he was in Columbia, S.C.

Cornell, who opens his clip by saying it's "993 degrees," was sitting in his air-conditioned car when his diatribe about the scorching temperatures took place. "Ain't no people walking," he said. "I saw a couple of folks playing basketball. Threw the ball up and the basketball didn't even want to come down."

He eventually weaves his way into singing about how hot it is and then admits the sizzling weather has made him delirious.

Considering we haven't even hit July yet, Cornell had better be prepared for even hotter weather coming this summer.

And while he's dripping sweat, he ought to keep in mind the alternative. Maybe triple-degree weather isn't so bad.

Check out Cornell's entire performance, below.

When I tell you that it is Hhottt In Columbia South carolina. .Geesh!!!. Yes I'm a Author, Public Speaker, Singer,...

Posted by Eric Cornell on Sunday, June 14, 2015

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