If you've been anywhere in Amarillo, Texas, you've noticed Girl Scouts selling their cookies. It's the annual tradition of trying to go to a store without blowing up your budget before you get inside. The cookies are addictive, and everyone looks forward to it. In one Texas county, however, the sight is a little different. Instead of Girl Scouts selling cookies, there's only one Girl Scout.

Ballad Of The Lone Girl Scout Of Milam County, Texas

Milam County isn't a big county in central Texas. As of the census in 2020, there were just under 25,000 people scattered across the entire county. In this small county, one Girl Scout set out to sell cookies.

According to reports, the area is no stranger to struggling with membership numbers. The difference this time is that there's only one member.

The Lone Girl Scout Who Hoped To Sell 3,000 Cookies This Year

The Lone Girl Scout of Milam County, Paulina Waak, didn't let the membership numbers slow her down. She tackled the challenge of selling cookies solo head-on. Not only did she tackle selling cookies on her own, but she also set a pretty lofty goal to go with the task. She had a goal of selling 3,000 cookies this year.

The last report I saw, two days before her cookie deadline (2/25 for central Texas), had her total somewhere around 2,400. Two days to sell 600 Girl Scout cookies. Hopefully, she was able to pull it off.

A Tale Of Determination For The Lone Girl Scout Of Milam County, Texas

It's a heartwarming story of a girl who had every right to be discouraged and to give up on doing anything remarkable this cookie season. Instead of letting the stacked odds make her give up, she gave herself a goal and set out to accomplish it.

Hopefully, she accomplished the goal Hopefully, she gets that free trip to camp she was aiming for.

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