girl scout cookies

Girl Scout Cookies
If you haven't picked up a box of those delicious Girl Scout Cookies yet you are missing out.  In fact you only have a short window of opportunity to get those delicious cookies.  So if you haven't bought a box then you are missing out on the deliciousness that is Girl Scout Cookies.
Girl Scouts in Houston Take on A Couple of Thieves [VIDEO
It is Girl Scout Cookie season and all over you see different troops in different locations selling their delicious cookies.  However, a troop in Houston got a surprise when a man stopped and started asking about flavors.  He then grabbed the girls cash box got into a black car with another guy and started driving off.  Little did they know a couple of the Girl Scouts ran after them.  One girl pun
City Tries To Ban Sale of Girl Scouts Cookies From Front Lawn
Instead of canvassing the neighborhood, Abigail and Caitlin Mills of Hazelwood, MO, have for the last six years conducted their annual sale of Girl Scouts cookies from their parents' front yard. The duo ran into a snag this year, however, when a neighbor complained to the local authorities about the commotion caused by this Thin Mint commerce. Citing this complaint and a code against selling produ