I never have enough groceries!

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

I buy cereal and then I get home all proud that I finally bought some and the kids laugh at me, “We are all out of milk”.  Two days later I run into the store and buy not 1 but 2 gallons of milk, get home all proud again, “We ate all the cereal without the milk”.  I can’t win.

I buy potatoes for making fries and get home and realize we are out of ketchup.  But not until after it’s all ready to go and served, of course.  We never, ever have enough toilet paper or toothpaste.  I wonder all the time if they are eating it.  They have to be, that is the only logical explanation.

I wanted to surprise my daughter with a cake.  She started her first job and everyone gets a special cake when you have an accomplishment.  I started off thinking we had everything we needed, and then had to send a kid to get flour, and then had to send another kid to get milk.  Two trips later and way too much money spent on convenience store items, we made the cake.    It was a Pinterest recipe.  They always scare me.  So  now we wait. Most are Pinterest recipes are gems, beautiful diamonds in the rough,  but sometimes, just sometimes you get the recipe that well; you just wish you hadn’t run to the store for the two items.  Now at least I have enough groceries to make more if it does fail.  But tomorrow, I will run out of something.  It’s inevitable.  I will run out of something right in the middle of making a special dish.

But hopefully I won’t run out of toilet paper.

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