We get to the store with list in hand. You are going to stick to it. I know I need milk and veggies. Maybe a steak for dinner. It's on my list.

I get out of the store with so much junk. I had good intentions. With that list and everything that was half the battle. It didn't matter. I sure didn't stick to it. Why?

Could it have been that evil phone I bring with me? How could it? Well yep, those pesky researchers were at it again. It turns out that people who use their phone while grocery shopping spend a lot more on those groceries than people who don't.

Why is this even a thing? How is my phone making me shop more? You have to know that your phone is your distraction. Any time you are distracted you go slower. The slower we go and the longer we are in the store. Of course that just equals a lot more time to put food in the basket.

On average you spend 41% more money when you use your phone to check social media and even respond to texts.

Each second you are on your phone it upps your final bill by 25 to 50 cents. So here is another way to think about it. Every 4 minutes you are in the store and you have your phone you can add $1.00 to your bill.

So if you want to save money and make healthier choices get to the grocery store and leave your phone at home.

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