Now that the year has been going for over a month, I wonder where the state of resolutions are now for the majority of people.  I usually don’t make them.  I guess I am too lazy, but I also don’t see the New Year as much different as the last year.  Again, I am lazy on this issue, but this year, or last year, I decided to do it.  I was going to make a resolution.


Like every Mom I know, when I decide something, I decide it for the entire family. Since we home school I made it a school assignment, but first I had to lead by example.

My resolutions are big this year.  I have decided to sign up for the Color Run that is coming to Lubbock.  I am not a runner, but I want to lead my children by example.  I truly desire for my children to see the world and want to conquer it.  I also want to eat Chicago deep dish pizza in Chicago, I want to put my feet in the Pacific and the Atlantic, I want to see the Rocky Mtns and the Appalachian Mtns, I want to see Niagara Falls, I want to go to the Las Vegas Death Fest, I want to hear a New Yorker in New York, I want to see the water behind my brother’s neighborhood, I want to visit my high school best friend Sadaf Brooks, I want to visit the 911 memorial, I want to see the Grand Canyon and I want to share these memories with my husband. I know this is a big list, but I have a lot of years to make up.  Now it may seem like a near impossible list but my husband is in a band and we travel quite a bit.  So actually it should be pretty easy for me.  Most of this list will get accomplished in a little over a month’s time.
Now my children put their list together too.  I challenged them to come up with three things they could do on their own this year without Mommy and Daddy having to help them.

Here is a few of their goals:

The resolutions ranged from our oldest wanting to find a job and start saving for her future, second oldest wants to have better relationships with his friends and family, next child wanted to read a whole series of books and work on his behavior and our last wanted to join a girl’s choir.  Now I just asked my oldest 4 kids.  I didn’t think my little ones could grasp making a decision for a whole year.

Did you make a resolution?  And did you make one that was something you could actually achieve?  I know a lot of people make very lofty goals and break them before January is even done.  If you made unachievable goals try making a new one.  I mean we can make them any day of the year and we can start any day new.  Try it today.  Make a decision to do something great for your life and when we are old let us look back with joy.

The kids say YOLO, and all though I do disagree with the way they are looking at it there is truth in it.  We only live once; let’s make it a life worth living.

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