It's that time of year. We are thinking about New Years Resolutions. A big one is to get healthy for the New Year.

Eat healthy and exercise seems to top a lot of lists this year. Especially after all the food we ate over the holidays.

How to the extreme would you go? Do you typically try all these weight loss tricks. Well if you is one for you. Researchers in Australia found that you might be able to lose that stubborn weight by eating clay. Yep! Crazy as that sounds.

They found there is a type of clay dirt that looks like it will absorb all the fat from the food that you ate and then actually keep it from hitting your body.

Clay diets are not brand new. There was a product you may have heard of called bentonite clay, it's been around for many years as a diet supplement. Eating it doesn't sound very pleasant though.

The researchers tried a different type of clay that they believe is more effective. It may actually become an effective diet tool for you.

There still is a lot of testing that needs to be done. So don't go looking on the shelves for this yet. They want to figure out the potential side effects. Would you try clay to lose weight? Comment below.

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