Of course Sunday is a big day. It seems like everyone will be watching the game on Sunday. A big reason, if they don't have a team they just love, is to watch the commercials, watch half-time, hang out with friends, and of course to eat.

What if you are on a journey to lose some weight this year? You could use Sunday as your cheat day. That is allowed. If you do decide to cheat on your diet don't go crazy overboard. People can walk away eating an extra crazy amount of calories. You could add thousands and thousands of extra calories. That is not the way you want to end your day. You will enjoy it at the time but you know you will feel horrible.

If you can make sure you eat a healthy breakfast. Make sure before the game starts you even eat a healthy lunch. If you start off with healthy meals like that you may feel less tempted to snack on high calorie food. If you start off not hungry you can really help your goals.

If you are going to someone else's house go ahead and scope out the food when you get there. Find the healthier food for you as much as you can. Try to make a goal to stick to them. You can even bring a veggie tray for the table just for your grazing.

If you are going to drink try to limit it. The more you have the more you will want all those chips and dips. You will have one too many slices of pizza or wings. Stick to a lite beer or two or a glass of wine. Try to drink more water than anything else. Keep yourself hydrated.

During halftime or a commercial break go ahead and move around. Go out to the backyard. Keep your mind off the food. The more active you are the easier it will be to say no. Hey throw the football around a bit.

I know that days like this can be tough but you can make it through with little to no regrets. You can do this.

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