We are more than halfway through the year by now. We vowed to be healthier in 2019. Or we vowed to save money. How are we doing on those goals?

A survey revisited our lofty goals from the beginning of the year. We wanted to know more than halfway through if we were still going strong. Only a measly 8% of people completely stuck to our resolutions. Another 15% said they mostly stuck to their goals. So that means about a combined 23% success rate.

How are you doing on yours? Are you still successful? If not it looks like you are not alone. Around 7% of people have abandoned it another 5% said they haven't stuck to it at all. I guess they are doing better than the nearly two-thirds said they didn't even bother to make one.

So is it better to have tried and failed than to not even try. I feel that you are better off setting a goal. I mean at least you tried. Even if you didn't succeed. I mean there is always next year.

How are you doing? I feel I have mostly stuck to mine. I wanted to be healthier. I still do eat a healthy more often than not. I do find myself splurging every so often but it is OK as long as you get right back to it. I feel I have done a decent job.

How about you and your goals for 2019? Are you pretty happy or not? I mean there is always next year. Oh and that is OK.

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