We have just come off of a banner year. I mean that pretty sarcastically. The year 2020 ended up being nothing like we expected when we rung in the New Year. We never thought a pandemic was going to hit.

We didn't know our country would have a tumultuous time come election season. Well maybe we did. We just didn't expect it to be so bad. But here we are in 2021 and we want a better outcome for us all.

Maybe you made a New Years Resolution. Maybe you decided why bother. Well regardless can we all agree we need a win. That win doesn't have to be a big change. That may be a bit too much right now. How about some baby wins that can make us feel better. Those little wins can set us up for a positive year and the chance to make bigger improvements.

So, what are some of those little changes that will be easier to accomplish. How about making the goal of not eating out so much. On those same lines how about prepping food over the weekend for you to eat during the week. Doing that will help you to eat home cooked meals more. Plus food prepping makes it easier to plan those healthier meals.

You can make it a goal to read at least one good book this year. If you are a go getter you can up that goal to a few. Reading can be relaxing. Plus when you are reading you get the chance to disconnect from social media. That break can do a world of good.

Another good idea is to make the pledge to get outside more. You can take the family out to the Amarillo Zoo and get some family time and some outdoor time. Heck, if you are more adventurous head down to Palo Duro Canyon. Doing so will not only give you a fun, family activity but also get you some much needed sunshine.

We spent a little bit too much time indoors in 2020 and here in the New Year we can get that Vitamin D action we need.

So find something simple that you can accomplish this year and make the attempt to mark stuff off your goal list this year.

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