As a younger adult/teen, I never thought a shower would be so wonderful.  Sometimes as a parent the shower is my escape, my sweet quiet moment from the chaos of having 6 kids in a really small house. 


Now don’t get me wrong.  I love each and every one of my kids.  They are all such great kids.  Well behaved, respectful, kindhearted loving kids, but kids none the less, and we have 6 of them.  That’s a pretty big number.  A number that should get us a good sized home so we could spread out a bit, but not yet.    We make our small house work, but it makes for sweet showers of escape.

Sunday we were all up getting ready for church, and I try hard to wait patiently for everyone else to get their bathroom time, showers, hair done, and teeth brushed.  Then it is my turn.  Now when Daddy is home I am guaranteed a peaceful shower.  They know not to bother me when he is home, but the minute I walk out I guess I am free game.  I don’t even walk out of the bathroom two steps when I see a kid or two waiting for me.  I am not sure what they are waiting for, they finished all they needed in the bathroom, but someone is always waiting.  Then I go in my bedroom.  When I open that door someone else is standing in the hallway, again waiting for me.  What is it these children expect to happen when I open a door?  Then I go back to the bathroom to put on my makeup and do my hair.  They follow me in there.  Again, what are they expecting to occur?  I feel like they are waiting for me to juggle my makeup and curling iron, while hot.

By the time we get out the door, I am thinking back to my 20 min shower remembering the quiet moment once again.

Am I the only Mom that feels this way?  Or do other moms enjoy and relish their shower times?

I know one day my house will be empty, and then my shower time will be for cleaning my body instead of escaping.  I guess at that time I will miss the kids hanging out watching for me during my every move.  But for now I will go a little crazy with the little paparazzi that follow me taking mental pictures of me.  I just wish I knew what they were waiting for.

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