It's one of those things you probably don't think about. I mean we jump in the shower on a daily basis. How much do you wonder whether your activities are normal or not?

There was a debate a few weeks ago that I sure would have never thought was a thing. Do you wash your legs with soap or just let the soap you use on the rest of your body clean as it washes away. OK. I never thought about it. I use soap and wash my legs. Found out it's OK to just let the soap run down and clean them that way. That is OK. I feel I will still wash my legs myself.

So what else would make the list and how normal are we? How about the time of day you shower? In the morning - 28%, Night - 43%. Both - 25%. Only 4% said in the afternoon.

What body part do you wash first? The number one answer was hair - 65%. Body was the second mentioned at 19%. Finally face washers came in third at 13%.

What do you use to wash your body? The most popular answer is body wash at 75%. Soap came in second at 24%. Can you believe 1% just use water? What does that clean?

What do you use to wash your body? The number one answer is just your hands at 44%. The next popular was using a loofa at 38%. A washcloth was third at 14%.

How about shaving? Most people do. Apparently only 11% of us never do,

If you are one that sing in the shower you are not alone. There are a lot of talented shower singers around here. A whopping 77% if us do sing.

What do you think should be added on this list? Comment below.

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