There is nothing like the spring in the Texas Panhandle. Unless you are one of those with itchy eyes and a stuffy nose. Nothing is worse than having allergies.

It is a time that is just miserable. All the medicine and Kleenex. What is one to do. I mean it's not so easy to just fast forward through the season. It's not an option to up and move either.

Here are some ways to avoid some of the suffering this allergy season.

You may want to consider upping your shower taking. It may be beneficial to shower twice a day. If that is not doable then maybe consider showering at night instead of getting up and doing it in the morning. It's best to not bring any of that pollen into bed with you. Wash it all off and even go as far as rinsing your nose out with a saline mixture. This way you are removing the pollen from your nose too.

Make sure you stay hydrated. If you get dehydrated it tends to make your allergy symptoms even worse. So make a plan and stick to it. Drink more water. If you can introduce some green tea or ginger tea in your diet it can also improve the fight against those allergy flare ups.

If you know you are going to be outside a lot one day you might consider carrying wipes with you. Use those a lot on your face and hands. The more pollen you can remove the better off you will be.

Keep those windows shut. The more pollen you keep out the better. I know I sound like a broken record here but pollen is your enemy this time of year.

Be aware of the time of day. Pollen levels seem to be higher in the early mornings and at dusk so you may want to avoid going outside if you can. The best time to get outside? Right after it has rained or while the rain is coming down.

Do you have any other tried and true allergy tips? Comment below.

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