We all know that trends come and go. Some need to really have never been a thing. I mean the whole bell bottom thing is one.

Here is another one I am not quite sure about. A latest trend is that people have stopped washing themselves. Yes, you read that right. Gross I know. Apparently there is a reason.

They want to let the natural bacteria on their skin to grow. Apparently by doing so it also helps to keep them clean. That sounds bizarre doesn't it.

Does it work? That would be the question. On lady said that she works out a lot and doesn't shower after. She says that over time her skin has adjusted and she doesn't smell. I wonder if her friends would say the same.

I know that a lot of the products that we use for our hair and skin end up having a lot of chemicals that are not so great for us. So that part I can see.

Cutting out a lot of these products could also help fight skin diseases like acne and eczema. But not washing? Could that really work? Oh and you not smell?

Those that have tried to do this say that the bacteria will clean you naturally instead. One guy who has taken over this non bathing, showering and washing lifestyle has been bath free for over 15 years. He said it was kind of strange the first few months but once he got used to it he stopped missing it all together.

Some people use coconut oil for shaving or as a moisturizer but that is about it. All natural stuff and it seems to really work. I don't know that I am in any hurry to try this. Like I said some trends need to never be a thing. Would you try this? Comment below.


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