I know it seems weird to wash non dishware stuff in your dishwasher. Sometimes though that is the safest way to make sure all the bacteria gets washed off. Oh and sometimes the dishwasher is also the best way not to ruin your items.

For example, my daughter called me the other day because she spilled her protein shake all over her car. To be fair, by all over, I really mean all over her floor mat. Oh my goodness that really was best case scenario. She wanted to know how to clean it best.

I know we could use the washing machine but I was afraid of all the clunking around. So I suggested putting it on a rack in the dishwasher. It would stay in place and get all the bacteria out. Nothing is worse than milk that starts to turn and inside your car. So that is what she did.....and it worked out great.

You can also put your brushes and combs in the dishwasher. Make sure they are plastic and they will be fine. Get out all the hair that you can so your filter is not clogged up. I use the same approach for my sponges and dish brushes. The high heat in your dishwasher will kill all the germs. You can keep these items longer if you just take care of them.

Another item that gets totally gross are your baseball hats. Right? They get so much grossness on them from the outside elements and of course the oil on your head and or or skin. So make sure you put them on the top rack of the dishwasher and give them a good once through.

So before you toss something because it is getting gross think about your options. If it is something that can be saved by a hot wash in the dishwasher and will be safe. Go for it. What else do you end up throwing in for a good clean? Comment below.

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