If the one thing we learned in 2020 is that we can not wash our hands enough. We also learned how to keep things cleaner than we have ever done before. We learned how to wash things down on a daily basis.

We new that cleaning and disinfecting things was a great way to keep the cornoavirus away from us. This was not just happening in our homes but everywhere we went. They started wiping down grocery carts after every use. We saw employees washing down counters and keypads. It became more normal to see that than it ever has.

We know that our cell phones are in our hands a lot. Not only that but we think nothing of throwing it on a counter at a store while we are paying. Yes, they are wiping down those counters but we need to remember to clean those cell phones. This is your reminder to do just that.

Even in a normal year those get so nasty. I can only imagine how much bacteria grows on them every other year when there isn't a pandemic. A year that there is a one is even a bigger reason to grab a disinfectant wipe.

Just think of it this way. There was a study that was once done that found our phones have more bacteria on them than a toilet seat. That is gross to think about. Oh and then to think that we put those phones up to our face. Does that make you want to reach for something to wipe it down right now?

The big takeaway here is that we don't clean them enough and we just need to do that. So, grab a wipe and get to wiping those phones down. Do it today. Do it tomorrow. Just don't forget about those phones and keep that bacteria and even viruses away.


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