Way before my time phone numbers were pretty simple. From what I have read they were only five digits. When I was growing up. You know, back in my day, we only had seven digits. Well we had the area code too but that was only needed if you were calling out of the area.

You remember when they called it long distance? Then cell phones became a thing and still you only needed to use all ten digits when you were calling long distance. To be honest, though, when I am putting contacts in my contact list I do still include the area code.

So if you are like me and you make all your calls via a cell phone this won't change much for you. If you use a land line. What even is that? Well a lot of workplaces DO still have those. Yes, they do. Starting on October 24th of this year you will need to use all ten of those digits to call anyone.

This really is a thing and will effect the following area codes in Texas:

  • 806
  • 254
  • 361
  • 409
  • 830
  • 915
  • 940

I feel like that list really covers us all. So here we are. A new day. A new standard in phone numbers. Again it won't really mean much if you use a cell phone. More than likely you have those saved in your phone like that anyway.

It will make it difficult when I am using my phone at work. I am so used to just picking up the phone and dialing that seven digit number. Though I did train myself to hit 9 first to get an outside call so maybe learning this new way won't be so bad. I mean once I get the dreaded "doo doo doo, the number you have dialed......." recording the first hundred times I will then learn.

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