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806 Health: Clean Your Cell Phone Now
If the one thing we learned in 2020 is that we can not wash our hands enough. We also learned how to keep things cleaner than we have ever done before. We learned how to wash things down on a daily basis.
806 Health Tip: The Power Of Your Phone
Have you ever had that moment? You know the one I am talking about. You are on your way to work and you can't find your phone. It's not in your purse. It's not in your car seat. Where exactly is it?
806 Health Tip: Washing Hands After Phone Usage
We have luckily started getting really good and washing our hands. They can be full of so many germs, viruses and gross things that can make us sick. We know warm water and soap is the best defense. Oh and yes we need to scrub for at least twenty seconds. Don't forget it is also important to dr…
New Cell Phone Scam
Here's a scam, there's a scam, every where a scam, scam.  It seems that every time you turn around, a new scam has surface.  Before we know it thieves will find a way to scam us for blinking.  Today's new scam involves your cell phone.  It seems this is happening a…
The Grace Period is Over for the Cell Phone Ban in Amarillo
I'm not a fan of the cell phone ban, it isn't because I text and drive.  That is just crazy dangerous but I do missing being able to take phone calls while driving. That is the only time I can take private calls without people or my son hearing a conversation that doesn't need to be shared.  I haven…

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