So the new normal is that we are being smart about being clean. How about our phones? We know how gross those can be. They are with us all the time. We put them on so many different surfaces. They pick up so many germs too. They need to be cleaned.

At first we were told that using disinfectant wipes on them were dangerous to the phone. Heck, I have always used them anyway. I am smart enough to know not to scrub and of the parts that can ruin the phone. You know keep the wipes away from where the charger plugs in or where the headphones go (if you still have an older phone). A good wipe down really is OK for the phones....the experts finally came back and changed their advice. They said just like I careful with the wipes.

It probably is still a good idea to wash your hands after you use your cell phone. I mean why not take that extra precaution. It doesn't take long for a clean phone to pick up new it just makes sense. We just have to abide by the same hand washing guidelines. Soap and water is the best. If you don't have any available because you just left the Market Street or Walmart well then it is a good time to use that hand sanitizer.

Keep clean and let's keep ALL illnesses away.



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