Just thinking about how dirty that cell phone is....I mean you know it is? Right? It right now as we speak covered in bacteria. Enough to even get you sick. Do you ever seem to clean it?

How often? How? So since I am thinking about it I literally just got up from my desk. I walked into the breakroom to hunt down some Clorox wipes. I located a container and then as luck would have it I found this under my desk.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So I grabbed another wipe and cleaned it some more. I mean with as much sickness as is going around you can not be too careful. The flu has been crazy this year. Oh and then the added bonus of people worrying about the Coronavirus as well. I mean sickness is everywhere we turn.

So of course the number one way to fight off any of these sicknesses is to wash our hands. Wash them a lot. You can not ever over wash. We also have to think of other surfaces that can be covered in bacteria and our cellphones have to be top of that list.

According to a new survey 14% never even think to clean off their phone. Another 47% say that they do clean it but not very often. Those two groups alone add up to a whopping 61% who very rarely have a clean phone in their hand. Which that alone is enough to spread bacteria into your mouth or eyes or anywhere else to get sick.

There are only 6% of people who do clean their phones often. Let's try to get better as a society with cleaning those phones. They have taken over so much of our lives we don't want it to take over our sickness too.

Let's all unite and grab a Clorox wipe and get to cleaning.

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