Are you that person that HAS to have your phone near you day or night? That could hurt you while at work!

Where you keep your phone while you work can wreak havoc on your productivity. Of course there was a study to back this up.

They tested different scenarios with the phones their pocket, face-down in front of them, or in another room. They kept the phone on mute in each case.

Each and every time the winning situation was when the phone was in another room where it couldn't be seen. Of course they did the worst when their phone was right in front of them.

Here is what was discovered.....basically, your brain knows your phone is a major part of your life. So it's trained to pay attention to it. Even the act of trying to ignore it uses up major brain power.

So if you really need to focus on something, you should leave your phone in another room or even in your car (hidden of course, you don't need THAT drama of getting it stolen!). This way your brain knows you can't access it!

Just turning it off or leaving it in a bag won't work. We really have become that dependent on our phones!


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