Your alarm goes off. You roll over. You need to get up, but a couple more minutes of shut eye would make your day.

Well go for it. Skip that shower today. It's good for you! Really. Not only will you get a few more minutes of sleep but your skin will thank you!

There has been some scuttle among dermatologists and they agree that you do not need to shower every day! In fact it is better for your skin if you don't.

This may not make you very popular with your coworkers, family, and friends but you will have better skin!

What is wrong with showering every day? The biggest problem with too frequent showering is that it strips your skin of natural oils. Human skin is covered with a fine layer of oil called sebum. This oil is meant to protect the skin and keep the skin moisturized. Frequent washing removes this oil and can make your skin dry and itchy. It can also irritate sensitive skin and cause you to have eczema.

So how often should you get in the shower? That does depend on the person. Some people can go 3 days without showering. Some need to more frequent, especially if you work out.

A good rule of thumb is to shower at least every other day. That gives your body the time to remain clean but also helps your skin not to dry out.

Try it! Your body will thank you! Do you shower every day or not? Comment below.



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