It really is an amazing thing how our body works. How it has defense mechanisms to protect us when the temperatures are as crazy as part of our country has experienced.

I mean when our bodies go into action and try to help keep us warm; that is an amazing thing.

Some things our bodies do though are a little weird too.

So when you are outside in the extreme weather your body will start to shiver. It does that to try to keep you warm. When your muscles shake they actually generate heat and that keeps your core temperature from falling too fast.

Here is the thing though. Eventually you will stop that shivering. When that happens you are in severe hypothermia. This is the time that it is important not to lie down. That is dangerous.

If you start to feel confused it is another sign of hypothermia. That starts happening when your body temperature falls down to about 95 degrees. A lot of people who hit that temperature have trouble focusing and start to slur their words.

Another scary thing the extreme temperatures can do is your skin and tissue under the skin can literally start to freeze. That is what frostbite is. In the sub-zero temperatures that can happen in as little as 5 minutes.

Just know if you are not wearing a hat your ears are the fist to go. So if you find yourself in extreme temperatures try to take precautions. Try to get inside. Try to stay warm. Try to stay safe.

If you do experience any of these symptoms know what is going on! Have you ever been out in crazy temperatures like the mid-west has experienced? Comment below.



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