Last weekend I had house guests.  My boyfriend came into town and a few friends from Lubbock came with him as well.   They all decided they wanted a road trip and made their way to Amarillo from Lubbock.  When they got into town, I was at work doing a live broadcast so they just got to the house and turned on the Texas Tech game.

We had a really good weekend.  I was telling you earlier this week that we played a serious game of Monopoly and just hung out and talked and laughed.  Well I will tell you this much, this group is a bunch of practical jokers.  They are ornery to the core.   So it wasn't much of a surprise when I noticed something this morning that wasn't quite right.

I'll be honest with you, I was in the middle of a heated discussion with my son because he left his reading log at school and I couldn't sign off on his homework.  We were having a discussion about responsibility.  I was a little upset because this wasn't the first time and we have been having problems.  I just happened to look up at my fireplace and the shelf above it and saw this...

Lori Crofford
Lori Crofford

Now keep in mind this should say Lori.  It was a Christmas gift I received last year and it was awesome and deserved a spot on my shelf.  However "Roil" isn't something I expected to see this morning.  Heck it only took 5 days to realize it had been moved.

So as I laugh  and Ethan laughs, I decided it was meant to be seen at that moment.

Now, this is a tame joke, these guys have a tendency to get a little wild and crazy, so I can only imagine what lurks around the next corner of my house.  I'm sure it will be subtle and it will be sneaky and I can't wait to find it.

The funny thing is, I asked them who did this and no one fessed up, they just blamed it on my son.  Now I know my son didn't do it, so I wonder who did?

It is close to Halloween?  Maybe a ghost?

Nah!  I don't believe in ghosts.

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