I know we are in a day and time that we need to know about the latest on Covid-19. I so get that. I also know that it’s ok to look for something so away from that. I want the break away. How do you feel?
How about Amarillo being featured on National TV and taking a step away from the doom and gloom? It makes me happy to know Amarillo is so above and beyond.
Do you know about the show “House Hunters” on HGTV? I mean there is a family looking for a home. They are looking for a specific area and on Tuesday Amarillo is that location. I found this as I was searching on Facebook.
Triangle Realty Facebook Page
So I looked on my Guide on my TV to see what it says about the show. It airs Tuesday night at 7 pm and here is the description.
credit: Tivo Listing
So this could be even better. Maybe they are looking at houses in Canyon and Amarillo. I know I will definitely tune in. I already have it set up to record just in case.
Who is not excited about this? I mean I am. Let’s find a house for this family. It doesn’t matter which location they choose....I feel the Texas Panhandle is the big winner.