In case you haven't seen it yet, there's a petition going around to rename an Amarillo skate park. It is rapidly gaining signatures, and honestly appears to have a ton of support.

The petition is to rename the skate park in honor of Brian Deneke.

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In All Honesty, The Case Has Already Been Made For It

You'd have to willfully ignorant, hiding under the biggest rock we have in town, or possibly just got off a plane at the airport to not know the name, Brian Deneke. It is a name that invokes a lot of emotion in our city.

There's a movie about the events surrounding Brian's death. There's a mountain of media coverage regarding December 12, 1997. People even wrote about the film, and the events that inspired it, as recent as November of last year. Celebrities have spoken out about Brian's death, and the trial, on several occasions.

That's not what this is about.

The Push To Honor The Legacy Of Brian Deneke

The petition seeks to honor Brian's legacy and memory by renaming an Amarillo skate park after him. According to the petition, the skate park was "his idea in the first place." So, it asks the question, why not name it after him?

I sat for a little bit watching as the signatures rolled in on the petition. The goal was originally 1,000 signatures. It's a goal that got crushed, quickly.

The petition points out the caring, friendly, giving side of Deneke. Judging from how quickly the signatures have been pouring in, the description resonates.

If you want to know more about the petition, follow this link.

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