I remember when I was going to school for radio at Amarillo college. I always had Wednesday's as my day to go to Kabuki for lunch. That was my first experience with Hibachi. It's fun to sit at a counter top stove and watch the chef cook your food in front of you.

I love their Suykiaki Steak and it was always the lunch special when I went. Yay. I then got on a kick where I would go to Sakura on Soncy. For whatever reason when I went with friends we only had sushi.

When I went to Vegas for my daughter's birthday I told her to pick out any restaurant she wanted for her birthday. She wanted hibachi so she chose for us to go to Benihana's on the Vegas Strip. It was good. It was......but I still think Kabuki here in Amarillo is better.

My daughter came to visit earlier this week and I wanted to try Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse because since her birthday that is really all I wanted. So we went for lunch one day. It, too was good. I judge each place by the soup you get before the meal. It's basic broth with some onions and mushrooms. Oh but I love it.  I love the ginger sauce that I put on my steak and I love the vegetables.

When I left work the other day and was heading home I noticed a new place coming to Amarillo and it really peaked my interest. The signs just went up for Sumo Japanese Steakhouse - 2300 Bell Street. It's location is in the old King and I that closed down long ago. It's next to the Supercuts on Bell.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So I am excited to try this place. I of course checked out their FACEBOOK PAGE and see that they are currently hiring, so it means they are getting close. I already told my daughter that we have to go. She loves hibachi style cooking just as much as I do. I can't wait.

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