When I saw this story pop up on my timeline I had to check it. Oh and check it twice. I remember when you would go into a restaurant in Amarillo and would be asked whether you wanted a smoking or non smoking section.

Usually you would get seated sooner if you picked the smoking section. As a server I remember in the nineties having to make sure every table in that section had an ash tray. Now that is not really the case.

Oh and if you got scheduled smoking section on a Sunday lunch you just knew you weren't making a ton of money. We always joked that smokers slept in on Sundays. I am not sure how true that really is I just knew we weren't very busy in the smoking section. Oh, but put us there on a Friday or Saturday night and cha-ching.

So when I saw this announcement on Facebook from Sakura's page it came as a surprise:

Valued customers, effective Tuesday, March 1st, we are switching to a smoke-free restaurant. We are grateful for your support and appreciate your business. Have a great weekend!

Sakura at 4000 S Soncy has decided that they were catching up with the rest of Amarillo. They are now smoke free.

credit: Google Maps
credit: Google Maps

I guess the surprise is that I didn't know that there were many restaurants in town that actually allowed you to smoke. Now as of today you can't in Sakura. Hmmm....so that got me thinking. Where else can you still be asked the question "Smoking or non smoking?" upon arrival?

I don't think there are many around but I would love to find out where you can still smoke inside. Let me know.


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