Really I don't get how people can really be so awful. We have so many great people that do so much for our community here in Amarillo and then you see stories like this. My daughter was visiting from Dallas and she found this pop up on her timeline.

Apparently some low life people here in Amarillo had nothing better to do than to break into Delvin's on Hughes Street. They are not sure if it happened overnight on Sunday or early Monday morning. Regardless this is what happened.

Apparently they took the cover to the water system and decided that was a good tool to smash open a door in the business. So of course that will need to be replaced. I know there is insurance for that but still. Why?

credit: Delvin's

They got inside the restaurant and stole a cash drawer. Oh and wait it was empty. So they got nothing for their trouble and good for them. I would hate for crime to pay at all for these awful people.

credit: Delvin's

Again I see so much that Delvin, his wife Shera, and their whole family do to give back to Amarillo and this is the thanks that they get? I mean I would have more respect if they searched for all of Delvin's famous recipes. They did not. They just grabbed that cash drawer.

So, if you are looking for somewhere to eat this week go and make a stop and eat at Delvin's. They could use a little good cheer. They deserve it. You can find Delvin's at 1300 North Hughes here in Amarillo.

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