A lot of businesses have had to do a lot to stay in business in 2020. Some started to offer delivery. Some learned how to accomplish curbside delivery. Other's redid their market plan and knocked a hole in their wall.

Some businesses that could ended up adding a drive thru. I was excited when my daughter came to visit and she wanted Sharky's Burrito Company over on Georgia. They added a drive thru back in September so I was excited to try it out. I love ordering and then just going to pick up.

credit: Sharky's Burrito Company

When they first got the Drive thru it was call ahead and then pick up.  Ahhhh I guess 2020 has made me lazy but it is so convenient. Then they added the online ordering. So then it was even more awesome. So I have taken advantage of that since it was right by my house.

Oh and then the joy hit me when I saw that Malcolm's over on Paramount also decided to add a drive thru. That one has just recently opened up. Just think you can get your favorite jalapeno bites (ok I will admit those are my favorite) and just order and pick up at the window. Don't forget to get your ice cream as well since they have the best.

credit: Malcolm's FB Page

Since the weather has been bad that has been an awesome answer for me. Don't have to leave the comfort of my car. I have ordered from them early on during the pandemic and can't see a reason to stop. I can now make this even easier.

Just think all the great food and so little time having to waste to run inside when you are in a hurry. This is every parent's dream come true.

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