Going out to eat. I do it on occasion. When I do, well, I like to eat. I do.

I am OK admitting it. So recently I went to Sakura. I love me some Sushi. I noticed something very amusing on the menu.

OK I don’t care if it’s a first date or we have been together forever. If we go out to eat. We go out to eat.

I don’t get women who are “not hungry”. You know the ones that order nothing. Or maybe just a small salad. I mean is that really a thing?

I kid you not early in the 90’s I remember the Big Macs being on sale at McDonalds for 2 for $2. So I did the respectable thing and got 4! With fries and followed it up with a hot fudge sundae. I wasn’t going to hide my love of food for my future husband. He had to love me for who I was. Oh and I ate it all. I did!

So I just don’t get this! But it still made me laugh. There was a story that went viral last week about a restaurant in North Little Rock, Arkansas, that had a side dish on their menu called "My Girlfriend is Not Hungry".

Apparently everyone thought it was hilarious and posted it online. So if you order that you can add extra fries to your order, plus two wings or three mozzarella sticks.

OK, first of all I could never imagine doing something like this.....BUT Amarillo has had this on their menu too.

Take me back to that trip to Sakura (4000 S Soncy). Look at this on their menu:

credit: Shannon Mannin, Amarillo
credit: Shannon Mannin, Amarillo

So you get more soup, veggies and either fried or steamed rice. The same concept as the restaurant in Arkansas but it happened here in Amarillo.

Again I don't get the concept about not taking advantage of someone else cooking. But if you tend to eat light I guess you can head to Sakura and "share" food with your significant other.

I just won't be doing THAT any time soon.





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