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We are all at home. We are all ready to leave. We are also living in Texas which leads the Nation in drinking during the coronavirus. So here is the thing we need right now. Instant Pot Wine.

I have posted the recipe BEFORE but this was way before the covid-19 stay at home orders. So really all you need that you may not have on hand is the yeast to ferment the juice. Never worry you can find it on Amazon to save the day.

So other than that you make sure you have grape juice, sugar, an Instant Pot and nothing but time. The longer you let it ferment the better and stronger it is in the final product.

So basically this is all you have to do.....take a cup of grape juice out of each bottle and put in the instant pot....then I add half the sugar and red wine yeast in each bottle (using a funnel) and as Taylor Swift says "Shake it Off" (or actually up!)

Then I put both bottles in the instant pot and stir it a bit. The next part takes a while.....48 hours in the Instant Pot but it's worth it. I put the pot in the yogurt function....every 12 hours or so I opened or closed the valve on top (depending on which position it is already in) . Once the 48 hours is I have wine?

Well not yet....but close. I pour the "wine" back in the grape juice bottles and store them in a dark, cool place. You should let it ferment for at least 7 days (make sure the bottle lids are not closed ALL the way!) You can leave it in the cool, dark place up to 30 days.

Now is the time to enjoy your wine! I will say that I have brought this wine out and let other's taste it. I have a few friends at work who really liked the taste of the wine and even said it was a bit on the potent side.

Drink up and enjoy your quarantine!



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