School is officially back in session. We have a couple of weeks under our belt. Now is the time to get in the habit of talking with your kids about more than homework.

Already social media posts are started to circulate about bullying and harassment between students. While we may not have all sides to the story, it is a good reminder to go ahead and have those conversations with your kiddos.

Talk with your kids about how to handle being bullied. Talk with your kids about how to handle unwanted advances.

We've already had to have conversations in our own home about bullies and being bullied. We've had those talks about sticking up for yourself, and we've talked about being brave and telling someone when something is going on.

Keep an eye on your kiddos' behavior. You know what to look for. Those subtle changes to their usual behavior can let you know there's something on their mind stressing them out.

Ask about it. Don't let it fester.

Also, don't be quick to blast teachers and claim they're negligent. If the situation warrants it, contact the teacher. If nothing happens, keep going up the chain. Our kids should be able to focus on their school work, not avoiding harassment.

I remember having a bully when I was in 7th grade. The kid made my life miserable. Eventually, it became the only thing I could focus on.

My grades started slipping. My whole attitude changed. I went from being a fun loving extrovert to be introverted and depressed. Then, I started taking my frustrations out on other people. Eventually, I switched schools after making a lot of bad decisions.

My experience is what inspires me to check in on my kids, and have those tough conversations.

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