The CIty of Amarillo's Public Health Department is offering a interesting clinic this Saturday.  It's a vaccination clinic to where you can get people and pets vaccinated.  They are teaming up with the City of Amarillo's Animal Management and Welfare Department and the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society to offer this clinic.


The clinic will take place this Saturday, September 19th, from 9am - 3pm.  It will be in the South Exhibit Hall at the Amarillo Civic Center.

The vaccinations available for people are for adults only.

Cost is $5 for one shot and $10 for two or more shots.   Shots available are Tdap, MMR, Meningitis, Pneumonia, HPB, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Flu.

Please bring a copy of your shot record if available.

Vaccinations and microchipping for pets will be available while supplies last.
Dogs and Cats:

Microchips:  $30
Rabies Vaccination:  $10

Dogs Only

Parvo/Distemper Vaccination:  $20
Parvo/Distemper & Rabies Vaccination:  $24

Bordatella: $10

Cats Only

Feline Distemper Vaccination:  $20

Feline Leukemia Vaccination:  $30

Feline Distemper & Leukemia & Rabies Vaccination:  $54

All dogs must be on a leash and cats must be in crates in order to be able to participate in the clinic.  All vaccinations and microchips will be given in the South Exhibit Hall.

Volunteers are also needed to help with the clinic.  If you are able to volunteer please call (806) 373-1716.