Sunday night, there was apparently quite the incident near Southlawn Park. According to an individual that was standing nearby, what seemingly started out as a bad night for someone escalated into possibly the worst night ever.

Did you happen to catch the drama Sunday night near Southlawn Park?

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How A Night Goes From Bad, To Absolute Worst

According to a person who witnessed what went down, the man in the truck had one job to do. Get out of the truck.

Felina Leigh
Felina Leigh

He wasn't interested in getting out of the truck, and what came next was a "standoff" of sorts that lasted over an hour.

Then Things...Got Weird

At one point, there was a vehicle trying to get around the whole scene. Let's just say that person's efforts were not appreciated by anyone who was operating in an official capacity (includes NSFW language).

[video width="640" height="368" mp4=""][/video]

Also, according to those that were there, the individual was asked what could be done to get him out of his truck. Whatever the answer was, it had to be worth hearing. The response to what he wanted was supposedly, "...besides that."

What I wouldn't give to know what he wanted. Individuals who were there said that he was asked another time what it would take. His answer was met with pretty much the same reply, "...besides that."

He Finally Got Out Of The Vehicle

Eventually, everything came to a semi-peaceful resolution. The individual was apprehended after leaving the vehicle.

Although, I suppose this would be just another sleepy Sunday evening in Southlawn.

[video mp4=""][/video]

The whole debacle supposedly lasted over an hour.

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