Growing up in this area as a child, Wonderland Park becomes a great place to make memories.

As a kid, my family and friends would make it a Summer tradition to drive to Amarillo on a Saturday to go to Wonderland Park.  I remember how super excited we would get.

One of the things we did as a group would be picnic in the park before we went into Wonderland.  Sometimes, it was fried chicken, sometimes burgers and fries, other times it was sandwiches we made at home and threw into the cooler.    We'd gather round and eat in the park.  The adults would talk and the kids would play on the playground and run around.

Then we would hear it, "c'mon let's go," and off to Wonderland we would go to ride the Himalaya, the Texas Tornado and of course the Fantastic Journey.  It was a blast.

Those were great memories for me and I thought it would be great to help you make those memories for you and your family.  That's why for the next four week's we are giving away

Picnic then Play at Wonderland.

We are giving away a 4-pack of Passes to Wonderland Park and a meal for four from The Handle Bar and Grill on 6th St.


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