Wonderland Park is somewhere I think we all grew up at. I know I loved going as a kid when I moved to the area back in 1986. I spent many nights there in high school too. Once my daughter was born I couldn't wait to introduce her to the rides.

We spent every Mother's Day, among other days, out at the park making memories. It was one of our go-to's. I can't wait until my soon to be grand-daughter gets here so we can show her where her mom loved to visit. Wonderland has certainly been a mainstay here in Amarillo.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

In fact they are celebrating their 70th birthday coming up on Thursday. Can you believe it? When they first opened they were known as Kiddie Land. It actually only had three rides: the Lil' Dipper Roller Coaster, The Hershell Kiddie Boat Ride, and the Kiddie Car Ride.

Now go out to the park and see how much it has grown. Wonderland now has thirty rides. It is always a right of passage when you are tall enough to ride the Texas Tornado for the first time. I remember the pit in my stomach as we were about to take that big dip for the very first time. Oh and the joy of the two loops. There is just so much fun to be had out at Wonderland.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Wonderland wants you to come celebrate with them on Thursday. There will be birthday cake for everyone while it lasts. This will be the last Thursday of the 2021 season that they will be open. Come out and get all nostalgic with your family and make those last summer memories before school starts next week.

You can check out some great photos of Wonderland over the years HERE.


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