So of course this is the time of year that we all are shopping non stop. We run to the store for gifts. We go online to shop as well. There was Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and of course yesterday was Cyber Monday.

We are all trying to get our gifts bought so we can then face the task of wrapping. That is probably my most dreaded thing. I feel my daughter would get more if I didn't have to wrap it all. I know there are gift bags too....oh and I use them. I do. It's still a lot.

So at this time of year we expect a lot of deliveries at our home. All the great deals we got on Cyber Monday oh and even Black Friday. So of course now is the time that those porch pirates will be out to steal our hard earned presents.

I have not had an issue in my neighborhood. Not yet anyway. My delivery people are good to place behind planters I have on my front porch for that reason. I know that not everyone is that lucky. So here is where Potter County Sherriff's Office wants to step in and save the day.

You can have all your gifts delivered to them. Yep, who is going to steal from the Potter County Sheriff's Office. It really is brilliant. You will just need your ID to pick up your gifts. No stealing allowed and no disappointments on Christmas.

Here are all the details I found on their Facebook Page:

Good morning Potter County!!!! Today is the first day of the mega online ordering with Cyber Monday. We all know that the porch pirates and thieves are working over time this time of year. We at Potter County Sheriffs office are going to make an offer to all of those ordering for Christmas. If you do not have a trusted neighbor or no one is at home during the day when your packages arrive...I have an offer for you. Send it to Potter County Sheriff's Office at 13103 NE 29th. We will store it safely for you until you can come get it. MAKE SURE THEY PUT YOUR NAME ON IT BUT SEND IT TO OUR ADDRESS. YOU WILL NEED A VALID DRIVER LICENSE TO PICK IT UP! This offer is good till the end of the year for our Potter County Citizens. Potter County Sheriff's Office just trying to make the spirit bright for you and yours with no worries of thieves. Sheriff Thomas

Please call 379-2900 if it is after 4 when you come. The doors are looked at 4 Sunday and Mondays but someone is always in dispatch that could get to your package!

Thank you Potter County for having our backs at this time of year.


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