Judy's Place has been a restaurant in town for as long as I can remember. Now according to a Go Fund Me page floating around Facebook, the restaurant may be closing its doors.

Judy's has been known for some of the best breakfast in Amarillo. Especially those huge breakfast burritos.

Judy's is located at 27th and Grand and has been a go-to breakfast place for decades.

According to the Go Fund Me Page:

Judy's Place is closing down! We need to raise $100k by Valentine's Day to help save the place! Please people.. this is good food! And is home cooked! This is heartfelt good for a lot of people! I know you all would hate to see her close down! We can do this everyone!

Here are some of the reviews Judy's has gotten for their food.

So not only do they have a great breakfast, apparently they have a delicious chicken fried steak as well.

So will Amarillo be losing one of their beloved restaurants?

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