When people began hoarding every thing they could get their hands on, one store my family found that turned into a go-to was Fiesta Foods Cost Plus. As of yesterday, Fiesta Foods Cost Plus is no more.

Fiesta Foods Cost Plus on S. Western has rebranded and changed their name to Market 33. The store has gotten a facelift, and they've ditched that +10% that had us all scratching our heads.

Shannon Lewis

Seeing as how it was the store that helped my family stay stocked with eggs and meat when it seemed like those items were impossible to find, I do have a soft spot for them and I'm really glad to see the update.

The store has actually existed since 1978, and according to their history on the Market 33 Facebook page, the number 33 comes from the number assigned to them as their official store number.

The prices on groceries are pretty good, if you haven't been by to check it out. They also have a pretty good selection on wine, beer, and champagne. There's even a tasting room.

Shannon Lewis

The main thing that has grabbed my attention is the floors. They look really nice. I've just never been to a grocery store that didn't have scuffed up tile.

Congrats to Market 33 on the changes made to the store, and for being around since 1978.

You can find out more about Market 33 by going to their website. They even have their "weekly" posted there for you to see what's on sale.