I moved to Amarillo, Texas several years after spending the majority of my life in Oklahoma. Western Oklahoma, where I grew up, isn't too different from the Texas panhandle. There's one thing in particular though that I haven't been able to find since moving here. Is there anywhere in Amarillo that makes a really good onion burger?

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What Is So Special About A Fried Onion Burger?

If you've never made the trip to Oklahoma to get a fried onion burger or onion burger, you're missing out. They were one of my favorite foods growing up, and when I was old enough to start making my meals I learned how to make them myself. Though, I never got it quite as good as the pros.

The onion burgers are a remnant of Depression Era Oklahoma. When trying to make the beef stretch as long as possible, the inventor of the onion burger decided to "pad" the patties with onion. The concoction became a staple of the Sooner State that you can still find being made in diners and restaurants.

My favorite part is the fried onions. If you add a slice of American cheese to your burger, it's heaven.

Growing up, the go-to spot for the people in my neighborhood was a place called Meer's. The burgers were amazing, and my best childhood friend and I still talk about those burgers and trying to recreate them ourselves.

Please, Someone Either Point Me In The Right Direction Or Start Making Them

I've looked everywhere I can think to look, and while Yellow City is home to some incredible burgers I have yet to find anything that satisfies like the onion burgers of my youth.

There has to be a food truck, a restaurant, a dive, a hole-in-the-wall in town that either has these or would be willing to make them. You don't have to use much beef. Just make sure you use half an onion.

If you know of anywhere to get a really good classic onion burger, let me know.

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