I didn’t know what to expect as I was asked to help judge the auditions this weekend for the Sod Poodles.

Jamey and I were in charge of helping to judge the National Anthem singers.

Credit: Jamey Karr, TSM
Credit: Jamey Karr, TSM

There would be a couple chosen to sing the National Anthem and a couple to sing “God Bless America” for both opening night and the 4th of July games.

I thought how can I sit here for 4 hours listening to the same 2 songs over and over?Could we cut them off if they were horrible? Could I say “hey dog you are pitchy?” I mean what could we do?

We got there at 10 am and were told there were over 80 auditions! Wow! 80! I couldn’t believe it!

What I really couldn’t believe was how much talent we really have here in the Texas Panhandle!

We had so many great auditions! We heard from people we use to work with! People who work for the City of Amarillo, people I have heard perform for the Amarillo Bulls, Radio Sales people, Salvation Army employees and kids!

Oh my goodness the kids! We had the cutest 6 year old ever. Oh my goodness. Then at one point an 11 year old walked in. We did not anticipate the voice on her. When she left I turned and asked “how old was she”? She had the voice of a seasoned adult!

We had duets, trios and groups. We had one guy, who I have seen previously playing during Bulls games, that just uses a violin! Oh and how sweet that was.

Out of the 80 plus we saw...they were given the choice of the “National Anthem” or “God Bless America”. Surprisingly only a handful chose the latter.

It was a day of great talent. Being asked if we had any bad singers. Nope we didn’t. It was a great day of high potential here in the Texas Panhandle!

How I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during the auditions for Public Address Announcer and On Field Emcee too! We have great talent here! We do!


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