We have seen some bad things these past few weeks. People hoarding the craziest things. Why do we all need cases and cases of toilet paper? Why are ALL of the Clorox Wipes and Lysol so hard to find?

Well since the kiddos are out of school and starting their online learning....there are some great things happening to spread some positivity and joy.

I saw this starting over the weekend. One is called Chalk Your Walk....where you get outside and leave positive messages in chalk for others to see when they are out for a walk. This is popping up in many different neighborhoods including City View and Olsen/Paramount. I’m hoping this one continues to grow.

It's sure to put a smile on the faces of anyone venturing past them. How could they not. All smiles and rainbows....this is what the world needs now more than anything.

Another fun activity for families walking the neighborhood or even taking a drive is “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”.

credit; Little Simon Classic Board Books
credit; Little Simon Classic Board Books

People put teddy bears in their window for a fun little scavenger hunt. How fun is this for families? I mean I love hearing all of these great ideas that put smiles on the faces of these kiddos and parents.

Heck I don’t even have a young child but this would have been something we would have loved to do. Come on Amarillo let’s keep the fun going....while still social distancing.


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