You have to appreciate an agent who checks every single detail regarding real estate in Amarillo, Texas. We're a town full of superstitions and wild folklore, so it would make sense that when getting a home in Amarillo, you'd want to make sure you and your family are the only inhabitants. Fortunately, at least one house on the market is definitely not haunted.

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The Most Haunting Real Estate Sign In Amarillo, Texas

Real estate yard signs tend to follow a certain pattern. There's the announcement of the home being for sale, which agency is handling the whole thing, sometimes a photo of the agent, a number to call, and maybe a website where you can get photos and info. Rarely do you see a sign preemptively addressing concerns about the property.

That's usually left for inspection.

This real estate agency decided to go ahead and address any fears of unwanted supernatural inhabitants of the property. There's no missing the part of the sign that states the property is "not haunted."

Taylor Mangiameli
Taylor Mangiameli

The Best Part Of Knowing That Your Home Isn't Haunted In Amarillo, Texas

Hats off to this agent for addressing this concern early. The last thing anyone wants is to be in the shower two weeks after moving in and have an unexpected specter floating in while they're taking a shower. It's an embarrassing situation for all entities involved.

Before you ever step in to take a look at the property, you can breathe a sigh of relief. There will be no poltergeists pulverizing your nerves. There are no ghosts groaning from a hidden space in the attic. No suspicious spirits will engage in shenanigans at the expense of your inner fortitude. Relax. This home is "not haunted."

It says so on the sign. Honestly, this is one heck of a selling point. I can see why they would choose to put it on the sign.

I wonder what other signs like this exist in Amarillo. If you know of any, feel free to send us pictures and details.

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